We are Mission Driven:

- To empower change that leads to success

- To provide solutions using a strengths-based approach

- To bring clarity to complex challenges

We Value:

- Superior performance

- High energy

- Lasting partnerships

- Creative problem solving

- Personalized service

- Individual strengths

What We Do

Whether you are a nonprofit looking to generate resources and expand programming, an organization or group pursuing a capital campaign, a church trying to reinvigorate annual giving and volunteerism among your congregation, or a university alumni association wanting to find the right way to engage graduates in your strategic planning process or fundraising campaign, Maximizing Excellence will partner with you—literally work alongside you—to achieve your goals.

We offer a wide range of services to help your organization, church, or nonprofit grow in a smart way. Each project is tailored specifically to your strengths and existing capacity. Our goal is to uncover the heart and vision of your organization and help you make that vision into a reality through targeted strategic planning.

We do that through a wide array of services that we tailor to your individual organization. As part of your partnership with Maximizing Excellence, we commit to giving you the resources you need to achieve your desired results and continue to succeed in the future.