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Whether you are a direct service agency looking to generate resources to expand programming, a group pursuing a capital campaign, a church trying to reinvigorate annual giving and volunteerism among the congregation, or a university alumni association wanting to find the right way to engage and solicit graduates, Maximizing Excellence will partner with you – literally work alongside you – to achieve your goals.

Each project is tailored specifically to your strengths and existing capacity. As part of your partnership with Maximizing Excellence you and your organization will walk away with the results you sought and the resources you need to replicate that successful model ongoing.

No matter your unique need, your success will derive from Maximizing Excellence, LLC's unique approach to empowering people and planning with the end goal in mind. We build the journey together.


    Whether an organization is looking to freshen-up a current fundraising process or create a fundraiser from scratch, Maximizing Excellence can help. We educate staff and volunteers on how to successfully prepare and implement a fundraising campaign.

    This can include analyzing past giving trends, developing strategies, timelines, recruitment ideas, volunteer trainings, facilitating campaign leadership meetings, managing progress, and assessing donor tracking tools. This comprehensive approach to campaign planning ensures success while equipping staff and volunteers with transferable skills that will benefit future fundraising endeavors.

    Capital campaigns are unlike any other fundraising process. They are intense, specific, fast-paced, and require a great deal of strategy and buy-in. Maximizing Excellence can support a capital campaign at any involvement level desired – big picture strategies; messaging; finite details of tracking donations; building a process and timeline; assuring meetings and timelines stay on track; advising campaign leadership; providing volunteers training, tools, and motivation.

    Maximizing Excellence can also manage the logistical burdens of a campaign such as coordinating action steps, emphasizing deadlines, and supporting volunteers on behalf of the organization.


    Some call strategic plans roadmaps for the future. Others call it an outline or a blue print. No matter what word you use to describe a strategic plan, it is a necessary process for an organization’s sustainability.

    Maximizing Excellence starts the strategic planning process by analyzing an organization’s internal and external environments and how they affect the organization. Board members participate in activities that focus on customer values, “feeding the pie”, and how to develop key messaging. Based off initial analysis and activities Maximizing Excellence helps the group focus ideas, think through manageable steps, and develop effective strategies. Organizations walk away with an action plan targeted around identified goals.


    Staff and Board Members are an integral part of an organization’s success. Maximizing Excellence can empower your organization to maximize your staff and board potential.

    Our team assists with engaging buy-in, improving internal and external customer service, and influencing staff culture. All of this can be done by conducting focus groups, educating staff, facilitating team projects and by concentrating on the strengths of the people and the organization.

    Board Members can benefit from training on best practices, tactics on how to engage more partnerships, and board recruitment strategies.


    Using our highly effective NEED, VALUE & DIFFERENTIATION process, your organization will have consistent, yet customizable, messaging that can be easily adapted to print, web, presentations, and networking conversations.


    When a leader transitions, it provides an opportunity for change. Maximizing Excellence can be that catalyst for change by evaluating the current environment and identifying growth opportunities.

    Maximizing Excellence can help the board prepare for the transition and provide unique staff development ideas. In addition, we can fill the staffing gap often experienced during this kind of transition.


    Do you wonder if your donors are satisfied? Do you know what services members’ value? Do potential partners think an idea is feasible? Maximizing Excellence can provide you with an unbiased analysis to answer these and other questions.

    Our process gathers the opinions and perceptions of your key stakeholders, volunteers, donors, current or potential members, and staff. Information is solicited using various methods and is then compiled and analyzed to identify key findings. Based on the findings, recommendations for the next steps are offered, including implementation strategies.


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    Don’t see the topic you need? Just ask! Additional presentations topics available upon request.


    Maximizing Excellence can create, implement, track, and evaluate new or existing programs. Maximizing Excellence can also show you how the right programs become marketing tools that increase resource development opportunities.

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