Our Services


Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns are unlike any other fundraising process. They are intense, specific, fast-paced, and require a great deal of strategy and buy-in. Maximizing Excellence can support a capital campaign at any involvement level desired— the strategic planning process; feasibility analysis, messaging; finite details of tracking donations; building a process and timeline; ensuring meetings and timelines stay on track; advising capital campaign leadership; and providing volunteers with training, tools, and motivation.

Maximizing Excellence can also manage the logistical burdens of a capital campaign such as coordinating action steps, emphasizing deadlines, and supporting volunteers on behalf of the organization.


Annual Campaign Management

Whether an organization is looking to freshen up a current fundraising process or create a fundraiser from scratch, Maximizing Excellence can help. We educate staff and volunteers on how to successfully prepare and implement a fundraising campaign.

This can include analyzing past giving trends; developing strategies, timelines, recruitment ideas, and volunteer trainings; facilitating campaign leadership meetings; managing progress; and assessing donor tracking tools. This comprehensive approach to fundraising campaign management ensures success while equipping staff and volunteers with transferable skills that will benefit future fundraising endeavors.


Strategic Planning

Some refer to the strategic planning process as creating a roadmap for the future. Others call strategic plans an outline or a blueprint. No matter how you describe strategic planning, it is necessary for an organization’s sustainability.

Maximizing Excellence starts the strategic planning process by analyzing an organization’s internal and external environments and how they affect the organization. Board members participate in activities that focus on vision, customer values, and how to develop key messaging. Based on this initial analysis and these activities, Maximizing Excellence helps your group focus your ideas, think through manageable steps, and develop effective strategies. Organizations walk away with a specific strategic plan targeted around measurable goals.


Feasibility Studies

Do you wonder if your donors are satisfied? Do you know what services members value? Do potential partners think your strategic plan is feasible? How much is your donor base likely to give to a new capital campaign? Maximizing Excellence can provide you with an unbiased analysis to answer these and other questions.

Our feasibility analysis process gathers the opinions and perceptions of your key stakeholders, volunteers, donors, current or potential board members, and staff. Information is solicited using various methods and is then compiled and analyzed to identify key findings. Based on these findings, recommendations for the next steps are offered, including implementation strategies.

A feasibility analysis is an important step in the strategic planning and fundraising process, whether you are trying to raise annual giving or build a new state-of-the-art facility. Data is important to the decision making process, and we work hard to provide you with the data you need to lead your organization confidently.


Messaging Development

Using our highly effective NEED, VALUE, DIFFERENTIATION process, your organization will have consistent, yet customizable, messaging that can be easily adapted to print, web, presentations, and networking conversations.


Needs Assessments and Customized Research Projects

Our assessment and research services are designed for organizations seeking to learn more about their key stakeholders to improve effectiveness and to identify the gap between what currently is and what should be. We use descriptive and analytical research methods to bring about actionable insights and strategic solutions.

Whether through surveys, focus groups, or interviews, we take a collaborative approach to research, closely involving clients and partners throughout the process. Past clients have included health systems, chambers, and statewide advocacy organizations.


Meeting & Group Facilitation

Maximizing Excellence, LLC provides professional, neutral facilitation services. Meetings will be well organized, and results driven, ensuring all parties are engaged and feel heard throughout the process.


Board & Staff Trainings

Board members and staff are an integral part of an organization’s success. Maximizing Excellence can empower your organization to maximize the potential of your current staff and board while also helping you dream for the future.

Our team assists with engaging buy-in, improving internal and external communication, and influencing staff culture. All of this can be done by conducting focus groups, educating staff, facilitating team projects, and concentrating on the strengths of the people and the organization.

Board Members can benefit from training on board best practices, tactics on how to engage more partnerships, how to solicit funds, and board recruitment strategies. These trainings are a great compliment to our strategic planning process and campaign management efforts.

“The decision to hire Maximizing Excellence to be a part of the Opening Doors–The Campaign for Longfellow Center was certainly one of the best and easiest decisions we made. By enlisting the skills that Cindy has honed over the years, it allowed different members of the team to step up and concentrate on specific roles that have ultimately lead to a campaign that is set to go over goal! She has a way of inspiring buy-in and making it personal for participants, from early on when making decisions about leadership team members and the ownership they take when further developing their teams.”

- Nathan Stallinga