Reading a Philanthropist's Mind

By Rika Peterson
Is there a way to gauge the choices, motivations, and influences of a philanthropist? This question was asked and answered in the recently published “Going Beyond Giving” study.

The study compiled data from 219 high net worth and ultra-high net worth philanthropists. Here are our three key takeaways from the study:


By Kacey McCarthy
We are all faced with making difficult decisions at times. Whether it is in our personal or professional lives, some decisions can feel impossible. How do you maneuver through the decision-making process, especially when it is something that you want to do but know it is in your best interest to say no?

By asking yourself a few questions, it can help to make the decision a little easier.

Who runs the world? Facilitators!

A facilitator’s main objective is to look at a planning process objectively and to keep the discussion on track while building consensus with individual ideas and opinions. Utilizing an outside facilitator can make or break the success of your strategic planning retreat – or any function that involves aligning differing perspectives toward a common goal.

Get Out of the Office!

By Rika Peterson

Spring is impending and soon rising temperatures will entice office dwellers to ditch fluorescent light for some old-fashioned Vitamin D. There is overwhelming evidence in support of taking regular breaks at work, which not so coincidentally becomes more popular as the weather improves here in South Dakota.