Helping People Think

By Rika Peterson | September 2017

This summer the Maximizing Excellence Team spent some time working on the business, instead of in the business. We began work on a strategic plan of our very own, Cindy attained the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) certification, and Kacey and I attended a…
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Who runs the world? Facilitators!

By Kacey McCarthy | September 2017

A facilitator’s main objective is to look at a planning process objectively and to keep the discussion on track while building consensus with individual ideas and opinions. Utilizing an outside facilitator can make or break the success of your strategic…
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Should I Give?

By Kacey McCarthy | July 2017

What makes a donor decide to give to one organization over another? Some give because of a personal experience with an organization. Others give because of who asked them. And yet some give because they feel it is the right…
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All Hail the Donor?

By Rika Peterson | May 2017

Who is your target audience? Is it your donors? Volunteers? Staff? Community? Which group is or should be the focus of your attention? I never understood the weight of answering this question until recently. A thoughtful article found its way…
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The Band is Back Together!

By Cindy Elifrits-Peterson | May 2017

If you have not heard the news yet, let me be the first to share that Kacey McCarthy has joined the Maximizing Excellence team. For those reading this who might not know the backstory, Kacey and I first met 12…
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When Conflict Comes Around

By Kara Nutt | March 2017

Conflict is an inevitable part of life, a result of actual or perceived incompatibilities surrounding the needs or interests of two or more parties. Where social transactions occur, conflict naturally emerges. No one can escape its certainty. Not friends. Not…
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