We are all faced with making difficult decisions at times. Whether it is in our personal or professional lives, some decisions can feel impossible. How do you maneuver through the decision-making process, especially when it is something that you want to do but know it is in your best interest to say no?

By asking yourself a few questions, it can help to make the decision a little easier.

How does this decision fit in to the bigger picture? Remind yourself of your priorities and goals.  Does this decision move you closer to that goal? How would saying yes impact your current workload? Are you going to be able to still give 100% to your existing commitments? And, how will this affect your work/life balance?

What is your “yes”? When choosing to say ‘no’ you are essentially saying ‘yes’ to something else. This may be something you prefer to do, or it may be more impactful to you and your organization in the long run. Think about what positive impact this decision will have for you.

What will happen if you say no? Are the negatives as bad as you think? Or are you exaggerating the possible outcomes in your mind? Saying no is hard, especially to a close friend or respected colleague. But if you cannot commit fully, are you doing anyone any favors or just causing frustration for everyone involved?

And if making a decision feels impossible – flip a coin! Assign a decision to each side of the coin and flip. While the coin is in the air, pay attention to which side you hope it lands on. Most likely the immediate reaction you get while flipping the coin is what you truly want to do.

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