If you have not heard the news yet, let me be the first to share that Kacey McCarthy has joined the Maximizing Excellence team. For those reading this who might not know the backstory, Kacey and I first met 12 years ago at the Sioux Empire United Way. She and I spent 5 years working side by side supporting thousands of volunteers raising millions of dollars to meet the greatest needs throughout the Sioux Empire.

During that time, we became great friends built on a mutual adoration for our collaborative work and our fanatic passion for live music. I still remember the first concert we attended. There have been literally HUNDREDS since.

Even when we weren’t working side by side our conversations rarely lacked shop talk of philanthropy, fundraising strategy, or something only she and I could appreciate about this great place we call Sioux Falls. We have cheered each other on as my business grew and her role at Sioux Empire United Way evolved into Campaign Director.

Not long ago I threw an idea out to Kacey: “Join the Maximizing Excellence Team.” Long story short, she said, “yes!” Sharing the news has come with more support and excitement than I could have imagined.  My favorite response, however, was “The band is back together!” Yes, it is.

The Maximizing Excellence “Band” is made up of four rockin’ members: Rika Peterson, the Project Coordinator; Brenda Boyer, the Administrative Assistant; Kacey McCarthy, the Project and Brand Director; and yours truly.

We are ready to book our next “gig” with you!

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